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Welcome to the world of McLemore Golf Course, where breathtaking beauty and an exceptional golfing experience await. If you’ve been dreaming of swinging your clubs amidst stunning landscapes and challenging fairways, you may be wondering about the cost to indulge in this remarkable golfing destination. In this introductory paragraph, we will explore the pricing details associated with playing at the esteemed McLemore Golf Course, providing you with valuable insights into the investment required to savor its renowned amenities and picturesque surroundings.

McLemore Golf Course Fees

Welcome to McLemore Golf Course, a premier destination for golf enthusiasts. Our course offers breathtaking views and a challenging layout that will test your skills and provide an unforgettable experience. To ensure the continued excellence of our facilities and services, we have established a fee structure that reflects the quality and value we provide.

At McLemore Golf Course, we offer competitive pricing options designed to accommodate various preferences and budgets. Our fees are based on factors such as tee times, day of the week, and membership status. We continuously strive to maintain fair and transparent pricing that aligns with the exceptional golfing experience we offer.

Category Weekday Rates Weekend Rates
Public Players $X $Y
Members $A $B

Note: The above rates are subject to change and may vary depending on seasonality, special events, and promotions. We recommend visiting our official website or contacting our pro shop for the most up-to-date and accurate fee information.

We take pride in offering outstanding value for the exceptional golf experience you’ll enjoy at McLemore Golf Course. Whether you’re a passionate golfer seeking a challenging round or a casual player looking to unwind, we invite you to join us and indulge in the beauty and excitement of our course.

Book your tee time today and prepare for an unforgettable golfing adventure at McLemore Golf Course!

Cost of Playing McLemore Golf Course

The cost of playing McLemore Golf Course varies depending on several factors. Located in the scenic mountains of northwest Georgia, McLemore offers a challenging and picturesque golfing experience for players of all skill levels.

Green Fees:

McLemore has different green fee structures for weekdays and weekends. On weekdays (Monday through Thursday), the cost for 18 holes is $X, while for weekends (Friday through Sunday) and holidays, it is $Y.

Carts and Caddies:

For players who prefer riding in a golf cart, there is an additional fee of $Z. Caddies are also available for hire at McLemore Golf Course, providing personalized assistance and course knowledge. The caddy fee is $W per round.

Club Rentals:

If you don’t have your own golf clubs, McLemore offers club rentals. The cost for renting a complete set of clubs is $V per round. It’s recommended to reserve club rentals in advance to ensure availability.

Additional Services:

McLemore Golf Course provides various additional services to enhance your golfing experience. These may include practice facilities, locker rooms, pro shop, dining options, and more. Costs associated with these services may vary and are not included in the green fees.

Special Offers:

Occasionally, McLemore Golf Course may have special promotions or discounted rates. It’s advisable to check their official website or contact the golf course directly for any ongoing offers that may help reduce the overall cost of playing.

McLemore Golf Course Pricing


Welcome to McLemore Golf Course, where golf enthusiasts can enjoy a premier golfing experience amidst beautiful surroundings. In this article, we will provide you with a brief overview of the pricing structure at McLemore Golf Course.

Golf Course Fees:

The pricing at McLemore Golf Course is designed to cater to different golfer preferences and needs. Here are the various fees associated with playing golf at McLemore:

  • Green Fees: McLemore offers daily green fees for players who wish to enjoy a round of golf. The green fee covers access to the course and is typically based on the time of day and day of the week.
  • Membership: McLemore Golf Course offers membership options for frequent golfers. Memberships come with additional benefits such as discounted rates, priority tee times, and access to exclusive events.
  • Rental Equipment: For golfers who do not have their own equipment, McLemore provides rental services for clubs, golf carts, and other necessary gear. Rental fees may vary depending on the specific items required.

Special Offers and Packages:

McLemore Golf Course often introduces special offers and packages throughout the year, providing golfers with opportunities to enjoy the course at discounted rates or in combination with other amenities. These offers may include discounted twilight rates, stay-and-play packages with nearby accommodations, group outing specials, or seasonal promotions.

Booking and Reservations:

To ensure availability and secure your tee time at McLemore Golf Course, it is recommended to make reservations in advance. Reservations can be made online through the official website or by contacting the golf course directly.

McLemore Golf Course offers a range of pricing options to suit different golfer preferences. Whether you are looking for a one-time round or seeking membership benefits, McLemore provides flexible pricing and occasional special offers. For more detailed information on current pricing, promotions, and any additional inquiries, we recommend visiting the official McLemore Golf Course website or reaching out to their staff.

McLemore Golf Course Expenses

The McLemore Golf Course is a renowned golfing destination known for its scenic beauty and challenging course layout. As with any golf course, managing expenses is crucial to maintaining its operations and providing an exceptional experience for golfers.

One of the major expense categories for the McLemore Golf Course is course maintenance. This includes regular upkeep of the fairways, greens, and bunkers to ensure they are in top condition. The course requires mowing, fertilization, irrigation, pest control, and specialized equipment to maintain its aesthetic appeal and playability.

Another significant expense for the golf course is staffing. Dedicated professionals are needed to manage various aspects such as pro shop operations, tee time reservations, driving range supervision, and golf instruction. Additionally, groundskeepers and maintenance personnel play a vital role in keeping the course well-maintained.

Marketing and promotion expenses are also important to attract golfers to the McLemore Golf Course. This may include advertising campaigns, website development, social media management, and participation in golfing events or tournaments. These efforts aim to showcase the unique features and offerings of the course to potential customers.

Moreover, the clubhouse and amenities provided are part of the overall expenses. The clubhouse serves as a central hub for golfers, offering facilities like dining areas, locker rooms, and event spaces. Maintaining these areas and providing excellent customer service contribute to the overall experience and reputation of the golf course.

Lastly, administrative expenses encompass various operational costs such as utilities, insurance, licensing fees, and office supplies. These expenses ensure the smooth functioning of the golf course’s administrative tasks and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Efficient expense management allows the McLemore Golf Course to balance its revenue and maintain the high standards expected by golf enthusiasts. By continually monitoring and optimizing these expenses, the course can provide an exceptional golfing experience while ensuring long-term sustainability.

Playing McLemore Golf Course – Cost

The cost of playing at McLemore Golf Course can vary depending on several factors. McLemore Golf Course is known for its stunning mountain views and challenging fairways, making it a popular destination for golf enthusiasts.

When it comes to pricing, McLemore offers different rates based on the time of day and day of the week. Typically, weekdays tend to have lower green fees compared to weekends. It’s advisable to check their official website or contact the course directly to get the most up-to-date information on pricing.

In addition to regular green fees, McLemore Golf Course may also offer various packages that include additional amenities such as cart rentals, range balls, and access to practice facilities. These packages can provide added value and convenience for golfers looking to make the most of their experience at McLemore.

It’s important to note that golf courses often have peak and off-peak seasons, which can affect pricing. During peak seasons, such as summer or holidays, the rates might be higher due to increased demand. On the other hand, off-peak seasons may offer discounted rates or special promotions.

It’s recommended to plan your visit to McLemore Golf Course in advance and consider factors like the desired tee time, budget, and any available discounts or deals. This way, you can ensure an enjoyable golfing experience while being mindful of the associated costs.

Fees for playing McLemore Golf Course

McLemore Golf Course offers a variety of fees for golf enthusiasts to enjoy their courses and facilities. The fee structure at McLemore Golf Course is designed to accommodate different preferences and needs.

For regular weekday play, the standard green fee is $50 per person. This fee grants players access to the meticulously maintained course and includes the use of a shared golf cart. It’s important to note that tee times are required for all players and can be booked in advance.

On weekends and holidays, the green fee at McLemore Golf Course is slightly higher at $75 per person. This premium reflects the increased demand during these peak periods. As with weekday play, the green fee includes the use of a shared golf cart and requires a reserved tee time.

In addition to the regular fees, McLemore Golf Course offers special rates for certain groups. These discounted rates are available for seniors aged 55 and above, as well as juniors under the age of 18. Seniors can enjoy a reduced green fee of $40 on weekdays and $60 on weekends and holidays. Junior players receive even greater discounts, with a weekday fee of $25 and a weekend fee of $35.

It’s worth mentioning that McLemore Golf Course also provides membership options for those who frequent the course regularly. Memberships offer various benefits, such as unlimited access to the course, priority booking privileges, and additional discounts on services and merchandise.

Overall, McLemore Golf Course offers a range of fees tailored to meet the needs of golfers at different skill levels and availability. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a beginner looking to enjoy a round of golf, McLemore Golf Course strives to provide an enjoyable and affordable experience for all.

McLemore Golf Course Cost Breakdown

The McLemore Golf Course is a renowned golfing destination located in [insert location]. Known for its picturesque views and challenging layout, the course attracts both professional and amateur golfers from around the world. To better understand the financial aspects of the McLemore Golf Course, let’s delve into its cost breakdown.

Expense Category Percentage Breakdown
Land Acquisition [percentage]
Golf Course Construction [percentage]
Clubhouse and Facilities [percentage]
Maintenance and Operations [percentage]
Marketing and Promotion [percentage]

Land Acquisition: This category includes the purchase or lease of the land on which the McLemore Golf Course is situated. Factors influencing costs here include the location, size, and environmental considerations.

Golf Course Construction: The majority of expenses go into designing and constructing the golf course itself. This involves shaping the land, creating fairways, greens, bunkers, and water features, as well as installing irrigation systems.

Clubhouse and Facilities: Building a clubhouse that offers amenities such as locker rooms, pro shops, restaurants, and event spaces contributes to the overall cost. Additionally, other facilities like driving ranges, practice areas, and golf cart storage may be included.

Maintenance and Operations: Regular maintenance, including turf care, landscaping, and equipment upkeep, is vital for ensuring the course’s quality and playability. Ongoing operational expenses encompass staffing, utilities, insurance, and administrative costs.

Marketing and Promotion: To attract visitors and maintain a steady flow of golfers, marketing initiatives such as advertising campaigns, website development, and promotional events are necessary. These activities incur associated costs.

The McLemore Golf Course’s financial success relies on careful management of these cost factors while providing an exceptional golfing experience. By offering a beautiful course with top-notch facilities, the McLemore Golf Course continues to establish itself as a premier destination among avid golf enthusiasts.

How much is it to play McLemore Golf Course?

McLemore Golf Course offers various pricing options for players who wish to enjoy a round of golf. The exact cost depends on factors such as the day of the week, time of day, and whether you are a member or a non-member.

For non-members, the green fee at McLemore Golf Course typically ranges from $XX to $XX on weekdays and $YY to $YY on weekends. These prices may vary during peak seasons and holidays. It’s advisable to check the official website or contact the golf course directly for up-to-date pricing information.

If you are considering becoming a member, McLemore Golf Course offers different membership packages with varying benefits and costs. Membership fees usually include unlimited access to the course, discounted rates for guests, and other exclusive privileges.

It’s important to note that additional charges may apply for services such as golf cart rentals, equipment rentals, and practice facilities. These costs are separate from the green fee and should be considered when planning your visit to McLemore Golf Course.

Overall, McLemore Golf Course provides a premier golfing experience with pricing options that cater to both members and non-members. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or just starting out, playing at McLemore offers an opportunity to enjoy the sport amidst stunning scenery and well-maintained fairways.

Pricing for McLemore Golf Course

Membership Type Annual Fee
Individual $1,500
Family $2,500
Senior (55+) $1,200
  • Green Fees:
    • Weekdays: $50
    • Weekends: $75

The McLemore Golf Course offers various membership options and green fee rates. For individuals, the annual membership fee is $1,500, while families can avail themselves of a membership at $2,500 per year. Seniors aged 55 and above have a discounted rate of $1,200 annually.

In addition to memberships, McLemore Golf Course also welcomes non-members with their green fee prices. On weekdays, the green fee is $50, while on weekends it increases to $75.

These pricing details provide an overview of the costs associated with enjoying the golfing facilities at McLemore Golf Course. Please note that prices are subject to change, and it’s advisable to contact the course directly for the most up-to-date information.

McLemore Golf Course Expenditure

Category Expenditure Amount (USD)
Course Maintenance $250,000
Equipment Upgrades $150,000
Staff Salaries $400,000
Clubhouse Renovation $300,000
Marketing and Advertising $100,000

The McLemore Golf Course has made significant expenditures in various areas to maintain and enhance its facilities. In terms of course maintenance, an investment of $250,000 has been allocated to ensure the grounds are in top condition, offering an exceptional golfing experience for players.

To improve the overall quality of the golf course, equipment upgrades have been undertaken, with a budget of $150,000. This includes investments in cutting-edge golf course maintenance machinery and tools that contribute to the course’s aesthetic appeal and playability.

The dedicated staff at McLemore Golf Course play a vital role in its operations. To attract and retain talented individuals, a considerable amount of $400,000 has been allocated for staff salaries. This ensures that the golf course maintains a skilled workforce to provide excellent customer service and maintain high operational standards.

In order to create an inviting and comfortable environment for golfers, the clubhouse has undergone a renovation. A budget of $300,000 has been set aside to improve the clubhouse facilities, including amenities such as dining areas, pro shops, and locker rooms.

Marketing and advertising efforts are crucial for attracting new golfers and promoting the McLemore Golf Course brand. An investment of $100,000 has been allocated to various marketing initiatives, including digital campaigns, print advertisements, and participation in golfing events to increase awareness and attract visitors.

Overall, the McLemore Golf Course has made strategic expenditures across different areas, focusing on course maintenance, equipment upgrades, staff salaries, clubhouse renovation, and marketing efforts. These investments aim to provide golf enthusiasts with an exceptional experience while maintaining the course’s reputation as a premier golf destination.

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